Our Values

Our mission is to provide custom carpentry services to suit our customers, their needs, their lifestyles, and their budget. To achieve this, all of our services start with a conversation in which we try to find out from prospective clients what they are looking for.

What are they looking for? Is there a problem that needs solving? ...Or an idea for an addition or a change to an existing space? Do they have plans and need someone they can trust to make their plans a reality? The contents of this conversation then become the basis of our understanding of their project and building timeframe.

We know that changes, big or small, make incredible differences in people’s homes. In addition, we know that change can be a bit daunting for a homeowner sometimes. Our clients find they can trust us and depend on Dodges Classic Carpentry Co throughout the building process with ease.

When you hire us, you will get us. Some companies have a sales rep and a different building team. We strive to do both because we believe that our communication with our clients gives us the understanding we need to build exactly what is desired.

We encourage prospective clients to not only talk with us, but our previous clients as well, so that you can get a sense of who we are, how we work, and why people are happy to speak highly of our company.

Undoubtedly, people will speak of our work and they will speak of who we are, because we truly are part of the package. If you are looking for a small, professional, and local company in which you, the owners, will deal directly with us, the owners, we may be just what you are looking for.